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New ebook meditation aid – you’ll laugh it is so simple

Well, I hope you’ll smile.

here’s a screenshot of it on smashwords:

The 7 Colour Meditation – turn the pages and breathe in the colours!

By Peter Harris
A simple new way to pace yourself, slow down and be blissfully mindful. As the title says, you just turn (or click) the pages and breathe. One breath per page is a 6 minute meditation through the seven colours. To really get into a colourfully altered state, try seven breaths a page! Each colour can represent a chakra; or just a pure experience of quality…
It is deceptively simple. :) Here’s the links to smashwords (free) and kindle (99cents)
If you use it and love it as I hope you will, pleeease be the one in a googleplex online (hyperbole perhaps, but not by much!) and leave a little review, or at least a rating (**** or ****** if you REALLY love it!:)
And then go forth into the world in peace, and … make a dent in the (human) universe!

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free ebook of the Blue Zone meditation: “First, Love Yourself”

This is the link to it on smashwords, where you can download it as pdf, epub, or other file types to suit your reader:

First, Love Yourself – A meditation Journey through You

Cover for 'First, Love Yourself - A meditation Journey through You'

By Peter Harris
Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: Dec. 04, 2013
Words: 7,590 (approximate)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781311831903


A new visualisation to systematically explore our own being in all its Levels (chakras) and Zones, the process phases we all use without thinking whenever we act. Find your ‘Qor’, or central being, at each level, identify blockages, and practice being in the ultimate Qor of pure Being, then come down again through the levels of your being with new perspective. the link again: If you find it useful, do rate or review it in the smashwords page! It helps so much. Thank you!

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