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However you define it, there’s a logic to love

Is love a feeling, or a relationship, or an action, or an energy, or even (as Christians claim) a Person?

If love is a feeling, then it is a feeling about someone, for some reason. Otherwise we could solve all the problems of the lack of it with some kind of feel-good drug. And no one (I hope!) would seriously suggest that that would do it. So, there’s a logic behind it – a reason.

If love is a relationship with someone, then there is a logic to it – relationships with real people have real reasons, limits, histories, conditions. So there’s a logic to be sought there, too.

If Love is an action, then again, logic is there – you act for reasons. Even ‘for no reason at all’ is a reason, pushed back to some general rule or attitude of love which says ‘Do good to all men boundlessly and for no particular reason or virtue possessed by said men.’ There would have to be some convincing logic produced to back up that little demand, surely!

If love is an energy, it must be a very special kind to demand our allegiance over other kinds of energy, such as hate, anger, lust, avarice and greed – and surely these could all be described (on one level) as energies. So, again, we look for REASONS, a logic, to persuade us to love.

If love is a person, i.e. God, well then we would still need reasons to value that quality – still need to see that love is better than to give in to anger or selfish greed. Also, if God is defined as Love, then there is a power of logic there implied – since God (love) made the whole complex universe, and minds, and everything. So, most of all if you equate God with Love, you must look for a deep and complex logic of Love, worthy of an infinite Creator God… And it must be deep enough to account for evil, too, preferably!

So, I propose to develop in this blog as much of the general and practical logic of love that I can without resorting to quick fixes and appeals to an undefined ‘energy’ or ‘person’ or ‘feeling’. True love may be all those things, but just saying we should try and get that Feeling, or be like that Person, or plug into that energy, does not give us access to it like an understanding of what we do when we love. There IS a logic to that, and I mean to articulate it.




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Loving What Is – starting with Myself. A Blue Zone Meditation.

Love is the beginning of all good things; I think that logically the unique essence of love is NOT actions first, outputs; but it is receptivity to the other; openings, listenings, appreciating, input. After all, how can we meaningfully love something or someone we haven’t even really (really!) looked at?

This is the foundational time for LoveQor, and I am developing the best methods I can find to enable us to fulfill the huge positive potential we all have when we truly connect.

This is my first exposition of the process of going from tangled and stuck, unable to love ourselves our lives, or others around us, let alone the whole world, to flowing in power and joy, able to love everything, create with it, and therefore transform everything.

(I know the starting point could be our love for someone else, but this is fraught, not always stable as a starting point, although it may be our greatest inspiration at present. So, I think the safest path is to begin within, with ourself.)

I see it going like this, ideally:

Phase One: completely loving ourself in all our levels and aspects

qorstoneBLUE copy1.Pure ‘Blue Zone’ finding our present ‘Qor’ – asking, ‘Where am I at right now?’ We start exactly where we are by going into love mode, ie, listening, noticing, observing. Not acting, fixing, judging, defending, explaining, or brainstorming. Just getting with where we are really at in our own self, our consciousness – as in when we shut our eyes and stop what we were doing. Not trying to untangle the tangles we find.

To take everything in is hard if we are in near-shutdown mode (which most of us are by the time we get serious about having a transformation in our life). So I propose that a ‘tour’ of our inner makeup is a good thing, rising up through the levels that we can observe which make up our complex human being. I have been impressed with the explanatory power of the seven chakras theory. So until a better one comes along, I am going to use that. So, a seven chakras meditation:

title BLUE ZONE Chakra Meditation copy

I non-judgmentally contemplate my First Chakra: My Tribe. Parents, family, tribe, nation, race/races, cultural heritage, inherited religion, morality. My other chosen group/s which I feel a belonging to (clubs, online communities, causes, schools of thought, types of people). How healthy are all these connections? How strongly do I feel for them? Is there hurt there, alienation, rejection?

I non-judgmentally contemplate my Second Chakra: my partnerships. Contracts, covenants, alliances, business partners, life partners, co-creators of any kind. How is this level of my being? Blocked or flowing and energised? Money flow should be good if all is well here! And we should feel personally connected loving and being loved.

I non-judgmentally contemplate my Third Chakra: my Self. My Qor being as an individual. My self-esteem. How is it? If it was a tree, would it be wilted, lopsided, lopped off, rootbound, parched? Or strong, upright, powerful, branching out and bearing good fruit? Do I feel honoured, and do I honour myself?

I non-judgmentally contemplate my Fourth Chakra: ‘We all’. My connectedness with all around me. My heart, capable of loving and being loved, pumping the lifeblood through all the levels of my being, and energising my muscles to act lovingly in the world. This is the middle chakra, halfway between the first and seventh. Pivotal; the spring of life. Is it as a stone within me, because of fear and isolation? or is it joyfully alive and radiant?

I non-judgmentally contemplate my Fifth Chakra: My will and Voice. Is it constricted, as when I try to have my say in a group of hostile listeners? Or is it free and powerful, able to speak my truth and my intentions freely and with conviction?

I non-judgmentally contemplate my Sixth Chakra: My vision and insight. Do I ‘see’ the world as a whole, and my place in it? Or am I constricted here, too, unable to relax enough to calmly contemplate and open my mental eyes to all that there is out there? ‘Without a vision, the people perish’. Open your eyes and let yourself see!

I non-judgmentally contemplate my Seventh Chakra. The All. The zero point, the pivot of cosmic consciousness, my own and all consciousness. From here we can see forever. Here we have a sense of the unity of everything, a sense of unity with all consciousness, including the infinite consciousness of God/the Absolute/Ultimate Being. Names are legion; the reality is One. If I feel this I can feel my own ‘highest self’ too, within it. This is My Qor, the top-level centre of my being. I dwell always here, even while my normal qor selves are living in the lower levels – each Chakra is or has a qor to it, which I can call ‘me’ too.

We have now risen right up the ‘Jacob’s Ladder‘ of the chakras within us. Try going back down, seeing how each feels now you have ‘been to the top’. Never mind that there’s a tangle of stuff – perhaps at all of these levels. That’s life! From the serene perspective of My Qor at the seventh level, everything can be handled. In the now, of course, not all at once, but in the flow, at ‘the speed of life’. This is the unfolding, and as we unfold we can love a little more with each untangling, as the flow becomes less blocked at each of our levels.

But wait, there’s definitely another dimension to this to get and be empowered by!

The Phases of all Process

The word Chakra means wheel or circle. This fits with the process view of things perfectly!

tree with lbtf

All life is process. All process has phases, which go in a cycle, or wheel, just like the chakras. This is descriptive philosophy, not needing special revelation or anything. It is good to colour-code them, I think. Names can be thought of but no single word quite gets the meaning fully. Consider that at each of the seven levels we have explored above, our actual functioning goes in this cycle:

qorstoneBLUE copy        Blue zone – Love. Its Question:’What Is?’ Input, simply listening, looking connecting…

qorstoneGREEN copy

           Green zone: Beauty. Its Question: ‘What May Be?’ Seeing a pattern, a possibility, the potential in what, or who, we’ve opened to.

qorstoneYELLOW copy

Yellow zone: Truth. Its Question: ‘What is best?’ Evaluating, relating, comparing, discriminating, planning.

qorstone RED copy

 Red zone: Freedom. Its Question: ‘What to do now? Who What Where When How?’ Action, implementation, Output.

qorstonePURPLE copy

Purple zone: The Balance. Its affirmation: All is in Balance, all is a necessary part of the whole.

Now, a final thing to ask yourself in this journey through who you are: Where in each of the levels, the chakras, am I most powerful, most energised? And then, within that level, which of the process zones suits me best? The answers we give locate our qor energy, our ‘home zone’ where we can be most effective and joyfully connected, most loving and loved.

Then, knowing and respecting all the levels and zones that make up the marvel of our human being, we can truly love ourselves. And then, well we can begin to learn how to ‘love our neighbour as ourself’, and have them thank us, because we will know HOW to love them, since we have learnt how to first love our own self.

What an exciting journey! I hope this Blue Zone meditation has helped, and will continue to help as you use it as a checklist in future meditations. So much depends on repetition and practice! The next thing to add is the Green Zone meditation, where we survey our levels and imagine new possibilities; followed by the Yellow Zone meditation, where we evaluate and logically process the new ideas, and make plans; then the Red Zone meditation where we

Let me know any way to improve this tour of the self – this is just the beginning of the practical application of all I’ve been learning.

School of wisdom and wizardry logo STAFF AND TABLE ONLY

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The How of Love

The first word most people say when a new idea is excitedly announced is, “But”. The second is “How?

So, I have a lot of ways I propose to answer that question. The first is to begin. Just begin, meet with real people with real problems, and see if my methods work for them.

What is my ‘method?’ The process approach, where all of life, all good things bad things, things dynamic things static and seemingly immovable, are ALL PROCESSES. And process has PARTS or phases. And levels. So too does love. If we can isolate the stages and aspects and levels of whatever it is, we have access to great power to change them, improve them, or (if they are out of control like bad habits) disappear/transform/divert them.

The process diagrams I already have do help with this. And I hope to focus them down to be the most intuitive easy to use tools possible. The two diagrams I use are essentially the same, just different presentations. One is the Tree of Life diagram. Note the arrows, showing the flow of process in through blue, passing through green and yellow zones, and out into the world through the red zone. Note also the repeating layers, which are the LEVELS of life. Notably, physical, biological, social, and mental/spiritual:

tree with lbtf

This is the diagram of the game of Qor, which uses marbles to stand for ideas as they pass through all the zones. It looks like this:

Qor  game plate  reduced 11 04 13

See www.qor.co.nz

The second form is what I call the Flow Rainbow. This suits a workflow board, and also a computer screen. I use the flow rainbow graphic on my desktop to arrange my icons in process order, left to right, input stuff through idea stuff and logical processing stuff , through to Action stuff:

process rainbow copy

I also have a clear plastic one for my desk, and stick Postit notes for projects on it and move them around the process arc as they progress:

FLOW RAINBOW reduced 14 07 12

See http://flowrainbow.com/2012/07/14/a-free-desktop-flow-rainbow-graphic/

The LoveQor way is a bit different in that it focuses on the initial phase of all things: the Blue zone or Love and listening, openness and input. It also focusses on the ‘Qor’ or heart of things, especially the individual Qor of us, that which we call ourselves, our mainspring, our main Centre. This is the graphic I use for it in the game Qor, where it is called the Qorstone or Heartstone:

heartstone crystal EDITED with AMBER OVERLAY 15 8 11

For all of us it is in a different position (Zone and Level) on the process wheel/tree/rainbow. Part of Love is to listen to and observe our own Qor energy, and that of others, so as to align with that and flow with that Qor energy, instead of judging and trying to change ourselves and others in our Qor. To change the Qor is impossible anyway – all we can do is stunt and cramp the natural energy flow. That is what is commonly called making ourselves and others ‘DO YOUR DUTY’. It is the ‘control paradigm’ as opposed to the ‘release paradigm’ as Steven Covey calls them.

Here at LoveQor we are all about the RELEASE paradigm. AND the CONNECTION paradigm: once we have released our Qor energy, we need to find ways to express it in connection and partnership with others who appreciate and can use it, in a co-creative way that enriches everyone.  If we all know our ‘home zone’ or Qor, in the Tree of Life, we will all know more clearly who to connect with, and how, and of course What to do. Our Red zone can then be fully activated. That’s the Output or Freedom stage, and we all connect too little and flow too little to get nearly enough of the red zone flow. And only in the Red Zone do we find freedom, and reward, and prosperity, because that is the output stage, the stage that people are able to receive and use, and therefore value and are willing to trade us for, or PAY us! 🙂

So, I am totally convinced that the release of our Qor energy through love and going on through beauty of ideas, logic and planning right round to action and output, is THE way to have health and happiness, and meaning and joy. If the flow of energy through the phases is blocked, that is frustration, misery, ill-health and poverty. So, LoveQor is all about the Flow. And picturing it clearly, and applying it in our personal and social lives.

I will be reporting in this blog on how it goes with the people who join LoveQor and meet with me to discuss and practice the process way of Love, Beauty, Truth and Freedom. Watch this space.

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OK I’ve had it. I’m starting a new religion – working title LoveQor

Love isn’t a feeling. Love is connection. That strikes me as a good foundation for a new religion.

This is not yet a manifesto, more a note to self and others of like mind.*

Since moving back to Whangarei I’ve been reminded of the devastating effects of the historic religions as practiced so long after their founders were safely buried and their original messages safely codified. I came to see more clearly the difference between truth (the way things actually are and do work) and religious feeling (what we make of it all in order to cope). I coined a term for it : spiritual substance abuse. The addiction to spiritual feelings, especially the feeling of faith, and neglect of spiritual, or any, ideals and truths  – most notably, that of the ultimate importance of Love.

I’ve been as guilty as anyone of living by feeling rather than truth – it takes one to know one! But after years of thinking , and yes feeling, my way in life, including years in Christianity and years more Paganism/Platonism/New Age, 5 years getting an MA in philosophy, and 13 years of trying to found some sort of utopia via the cafe Eutopia,  I’ve come to think, hey, actually every good thing begins with ….LOVE. It was right there in my process philosophy of LOVE BEAUTY TRUTH and FREEDOM. But my natural bent is for ‘Beauty’, and so I neglected Love, which is the only foundation for a healthy and lasting relationship, movement, culture, or enterprise of any kind.

But the problem is that Love has been so misunderstood, taken over, used and abused that there is an urgent need for a new foundation of thought for understanding it. We need to study and practice the ‘Logic of Love’. Then we will see clearly to study how love turns into Beauty – new vision of the wonder and potential of every being, all life. And then into new Truth – an understanding of new possible structures, new ways of doing things, solving problems, thriving. And finally of course a new Freedom, which is simply well-founded and therefore powerful action – action based on loving and beautiful ideas, well worked out in truth.

So, a movement to study and apply the logic of love (and beauty and truth and freedom of course) is what I am starting. It will not depend on feelings, no matter how fine, no matter how spiritual. It will be founded on what actually works, what is good in itself, noble and true. And (as Socrates said to Phaedrus) ‘do we need any man to tell us these things?’ Truths, the foundational ones, are all SELF-EVIDENT. So, what’s all the revelation stuff for in the historic religions? Well, I think it was the only way someone with a new vision of some aspect of love or beauty or truth or freedom (or something less noble of course, or a strange mixture of motives) could actually hope to put it into words and ‘get it across’.

But now it could just be time for a new approach – plain speech, clear thinking, and clear actions. The Web has given us access to almost all the ideas, and connection to most of the minds now living on Earth. If I’m right and love is basically UNCLOUDED CONNECTION, this would have to be the opportunity of all the ages.

It is also the danger of all dangers, if we connect in the service of anything less than the highest and noblest truth and beauty, and honouring of freedom. The web must not be subverted as a tool of prejudice, old-style dogmas, and oppression. But if we don’t take up the opportunity to use it to connect in a loving network of amazing co-creation and free trading of ideas, goods and services, the human ‘default setting’ is going to prevail. And that default has major flaws. Without higher ideals, the default is (among other things!) the herd instinct and aggression towards those not of our group.

So, I can’t really deny it: what I’m starting (by declaration of course, not fiat!) is a new religion – in the sense that I want to see all the good goals of all religions actually focused on, in a new clarity without the insistence on any of the mythological revelatory or emotive clouding, so that all can see what is the basis of our faith – it is rational recognition of the intrinsic good of these things – love, beauty, truth freedom and all the other concepts. Yes and including the concept of an Absolute, a Reality beyond the physical, in which all that is has its being. And yes we will all have our theories and ideas about the full reality of that Being or Ground of all being. But we will, we must, be clear about which ‘parts’ of God (assuming God’s existence) are essential to recognise, which are the essentials to never lose sight of. And the GREATEST of these (to quote Paul in 1st corinthians 13) is LOVE. Wow. now if the Chrisitans had managed to major on THAT… history would have been very different. But I believe they were deeply distracted by other things, insisting that their Saviour must be believed in BEFORE people could be forgiven, before they could love or be loved. (My Christian background is obvious here. We all have something in our backgrounds. That’s why we need to do at least some philosophy in our lives if we want to be truly actualised – we need to ‘zoom out’ and examine our received doctrines and assumptions, respectfully maybe, if possible, but however we do it, we must, if we are to really come of age as homo sapiens)

Will there be feelings in the new ‘religion’ I’m starting (if i am spared!)? Of course! Clearer, more loving, more wonderful and lasting than any fleeting feelings based on confused thinking and confusing of the levels of our being. But Love is not a feeling, nor is truth. The highest feeling is our response to those realities, as we perceive them directly.  Lower down, we feel their presence in other humans, in natural affection, friendship and eros (romantic love or just ‘love’ as it is so loosely called in our eros-worshipping culture). All these need to be distinguished and managed or they can get us into frightful tangles . As we all know!

So LoveQor as a movement is founded clearly on self-evident truths of the logic of love and of all process which flows from that. Not on feeling, revelation (unless you call perception of truth revelatory, as I am tempted to do! It is a marvelous thing that material creatures can somehow perceive non-material realities and know them to be necessarily real/true, not just phantasms. This is why I am a Platonist, i.e., not a materialist who thinks matter is self-existent).

My vision of what is possible – and indeed if we are to preserve Western civilisation, ESSENTIAL – goes far beyond what I can expound here. But does NOT deviate from the foundation here described: LOVE as positive, real connection and co-creation with others. But I do want to share the possibility I see of the web evolving into  a mind-like network of nobly interacting beings who truly ‘see’ each other and therefore constructively love one another, trading value for value, each interaction adding to the net worth of the whole, without resistance or waste caused by old systems of exchange and funding). I think the global financial system on which we depend is due for a major evolutionary leap forward. I believe all the elements for that mutation are either here now or about to be. If this excites you, see www.qorflow.com, where I talk about my idea for a network of people  ‘investing in the flow’, transparently, in real time, and continuously. The old ‘lumpy’ capitalism is not needed or desirable in the web age. It was – is – susceptible to all kinds of horrible abuses, and gives capitalism – or free enterprise – a bad name. Join Loveqor and qorflow and let’s be part of the new kind of enterprise, which will bring a new age of prosperity such as we can barely imagine with the broken systems we have to make do with at the moment.

If you’ve got this far, great! Thank you. Now, why the word Qor? Well it was from my fantasy epic, where the lost Heartstone (now mostly called the Qorstone) was the living crystal which, when in place in the crown of the Tree of Life, connected all the nine worlds of the Order of the Makers, by means of the World Trees with their Qorstones on each of the words. Likewise, in our own being, each of us has a ‘qor’ or consciousness capable of connection with any and all others. This may be what we call the soul, or spirit, or it may be simply the ‘attunement’ of functional parts within our brains (and/or hearts as some propound!). HOW it is, is not nearly as important as THAT it exists. And that it is good for it not to be alone. ‘Ture life is Meeting’ as Buber said.

Therefore Qor. Connect our Qor beings, in truth, and we will have heaven on earth. For (to quote John in the Bible)  ‘God is Love, and whoever lives in love lives in God’. And last time I looked, that is pretty much the ultimate definition of bliss. Self-realisation, truly understood, is this: we realise that there is a Qor within us – the real us, which is capable of connection with all other Qors, without limit unto the highest beings, and beyond into the connection with the eternal Reality, what Plato (I think) called the intelligible realm. Why intelligible? Because in the very act of perceiving the objects in it, we know them to be true and real. They are intelligible. And the greatest intelligible reality? LOVE, I presume. !!!

A note on my modus operandi: I do not claim to be more loving, or to be the avatar of love, or to be sent to you by any revelation but that of seeing the intelligible reality of love, and glimpsing the structures and the life that can flow from founding an intentional community or network, or enterprise clearly and purely upon the logic of it. I teach the logic of love as I perceive it, and may others come and join me who can take it further. Especially into new structures for a new economy founded on love (not charity, not religious duty, not sentimental or erotic feeling, not sentiment; Love, the intelligible Idea of openness to connection and co-creation. What C.S.Lewis called the ‘traslunary virtue’. Immensely powerful. From it all things come – all things ARE connections).

I feel confident to begin this partly because I know I will not be under any illusions that I am a guru, can impart by feeling or vibration, religious or otherwise,  the revelation or experience of ‘Love’ to you. No, you will not look at the finger, or the hand, or the hypnotic gaze f the Guru. You will, I hope, look with the eye of the mind at what I am pointing to. It is the possible future, beginning now.

Do email me peter@eutopia.co.nz. This is happening, not based on my feelings or lack of them, but I’m only human and would love some feedback. Am I right here? Is there some massive flaw in my logic? I do not believe so, but I don’t believe in setting up any rigid system, my own or a group’s, as the Ultimate Truth, the Last Word. I want to be scientific about this! A process of ‘Conjectures and Refutations’, as Carl Popper called it.

Will there be a group to join? Yes, damn right there will! But not an exclusive one. Keep all other associations – ‘Love, and do as you will’.

Will there be a Creed? Certainly. But I would rather call it a Constitution. So we all know what the consensus to date actually is, so we know where we are at. So there can be clear debate, and clear refutations and new conjectures, new theorems about the Logic of Love.

Will there be subscriptions and donations? I hope so! An army as they say, marches on its stomach! But the proof of any concept is: Does it Work? So, if I am right, the Qorflow network we will set up very soon will become immensely successful – for all its members, and by flow-on effect, our whole economy. To set up a religion that is dependent on donations and tithes seems to me the refutation of that organisation’s fundamental structure. No, the LoveQor ‘religion’ is a ‘meme’ – a set of ideas that should and can self-replicate, empowering everyone who takes it into their minds. From there it will enable structures in the outer world that will show just how true – congruent with reality – it really is. Or not!

Will we meet together? Well what do you think? 🙂 Of course! At least to talk over the ideas, and hopefully to practice a little or a lot of the art of connection – true, non-emotion-based, non sectarian, non judging noticing observing and acknowledging each other.  The first one (unless upon reading this you rush out and start a LoveQor group!) will be based at Studio 5, the Quarry Arts Centre, Whangarei. It is a tiny room, but it is summer.

I will write a short piece on the Logic of Love as a starting point. Obviously, even the idealist Peter Harris, builder of the Eutopia Cafe, at 59 and having seen groups and religions and the way of all flesh, is not so naive as to think that all our ‘stuff’ – our instincts and assumptions, prejudices and habits – will not come up to choke the new little movement. (In fact he is more than a little battered by life and fairly washed up. Perhaps this was necessary before he would come around to grasping the essentials. It has been 44 years since his mum gave him that little book, ‘The Greatest Thing in the World’, on Love. He’s been nearly everywhere else, and hasn’t found anything greater. The logic of life is inexorable! we can run from it, and hide, but it isn’t a sustainable position, head in the sand…)

But, there is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come. I believe a religion of love (with a clear process understanding and an acceptance of human nature so incorporating all possible checks and balances) is an idea whose time has come. Therefore it can be practiced, and will work. We just need an understanding of the logic of love, of what it is and isn’t in essence, and then some ‘rules’ or principles by which we can get on track and not veer off. Or, to change the image, we will have a crucible to purify the ore of our beings. Then, in that crucible I think we can refine true love- find the Qorstone shining bright in each of us, and connecting each of us. Then all utopian dreams can come true…

Whoops, I will stop. I’m getting emotional.

Join me! Email me at peter@eutopia.co.nz. And/or be sure to go to the top of the web page and click ‘follow’ so you get email shorts (and links to) all future posts. Also pass this on to any and all your friends. Link to it, quote it, spread the idea. LoveQor – Fear is the Question;Love is the Answer. The Logic of Love will change the world.

*OK, now – a few hours later at 8:13 AM here at Kara Road, Whangarei, NZ] it is! LoveQor Manifesto 1.0, 3/12/13


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